About Us


Promising you the Moon and the Stars! We will make you shine brighter with every visit! 
Our focus is to Engage, Enlighten and Educate the public. From Digital Microscopes to bringing the Universe to your eye! 3D printing, engaging and interactive displays of science and wonder!

We look forward to the future and work fervently to bring you the latest developments in research right into your hands! 
We ♥ it and we pay that passion forward!


What we do

Stellogix is a new and innovative retailer chain focused on bringing to all individuals of the society the best of  STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Design Math).  We bring you products that we believe in and that we would use ourselves in our homes or with our kids. Products that will be good looking, well built, and with a lot of educational value. We do spend a lot of time to evaluate the products and the brands we do carry in our stores.


Who we are

Stellogix was developed by a team of engineers, scientists, designers, parents, dreamers,  and citizens of the world who believe that the world can become a better place with STEAM. We founded Stellogix